Scholar Route

Scholar Transportation Reimagined

By Sinenhlanhla Zungu

Finding safe and reliable transport for your young ones can be a daunting and stressful task. Not knowing their whereabouts in between their journey to and from school can also be worrisome. Your children’s’ safety on their journey to school can now be secured with a tap. The Scholar Route App has been designed to put parents at ease when their kids are transported to and from school. We had a chat with the team behind the App to find out more about it. 

Ngcobo Ngcobo

From Accelerit to Accenture!

By: Sinenhlanhla Zungu

Meet Ngcobo Ngcobo. Ngcobo is an entrepreneur, a former IT specialist and founder of Accelerit. Accelerit is a small to medium-sized enterprise which was part of the 2019 intake of the Accenture Enterprise and supplier Development Programme (ESDP). It has also been recently appointed to run Accenture South Africa’s connectivity network nationwide.