Here’s Why People View The Body At The Funeral

A viewing is the moment when relatives and friends come to see the deceased after they have been prepared by a funeral home. To make the greatest possible presentation of the departed, it is typically suggested but not required that any body to be viewed be embalmed.

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However, viewing can happen during the service or in private.Whatever you decide, it is unlikely you will please everyone.  A common solution to this dilemma is a private viewing, where those who need to see the body have the opportunity to say goodbye. If some people don’t want to attend, they don’t have to. It’s a personal choice.

As much as people want to remember the person as they were when alive, a final viewing can help them accept their death. According to Kaya 959 they’re two kinds of funeral viewing which are;

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Private Viewing

A private viewing may be arranged at a place of worship or the home of the deceased’s family. This will allow the immediate family to say their final goodbyes in a more intimate atmosphere.

Public Viewing

A public viewing allows everyone to have one last glance of the deceased. Some people use touch to acknowledge difficult realities, and funeral viewings might provide them with one last moment of intimacy.

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In grieving for aloved one, some may find themselves in denial at accepting the news that they are no more. Therefore, having, faving a final viewing may be necessary to give the bereaved family and loved ones the closure they need.