A Reflection Of How Covid Affected The Workplace In Two Years!

If we’re being honest,  we will never entirely go back to what the workplace looked like before, everything has changed forever.

While these changes have been difficult to adjust to, we’re slowly starting to understand the benefits that they have brought with them, too. Maybe as an industry we’re more focused on finding solutions that cater to as many people as possible than we once were, and we’re prioritising skills that are going to be critical for the future.

As we look back over the last two years of Covid – and ahead to the years to come – here are some of the lessons that Jackie Carroll the MD of Optimi Workplace and co-founder of Media Works, South Africa’s leading provider of adult education and training, says we need to carry with us.

Tackle The Low-Hanging Fruit First

Introducing new systems and processes in a slow, phased approach works best. We all needed to adjust to the new ways in which we were doing things.

Use Technology

This sounds obvious, but be specific in the technological solutions you chose.

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Ask for feedback. We’re adapting all the time and incorporating everyone’s comments as you go along will go a long way for your business. Appreciate their input, and they will appreciate your improved offering. Be proactive rather than reactive.

Deliver Results

Strive to deliver the same – or better – results despite (or because of) our new approaches. You cannot allow the quality of your work to falter.

Looking Ahead to 2022

Going forward, there’s no doubt that this hybrid working model is here to stay. Use both in-person and online tools and processes in our interactions with your clients for many years to come.

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