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A Skincare Brand Manager Shares Tips On Personal Hygiene

Expanding it’s offering, Clere For Men Active brand manager, Themba Ndlovu says, “not only are our consumers looking for a brand that will keep up with their daily skincare needs, while keeping them active and on the go, they’re also after the convenience of a complete grooming range.”

The new Clere For Men Active range of anti-perspirant roll-ons brings an exciting variety of options to gents looking for value for their money, without compromising on quality.

Gents know this all too well, finding the best roll-on for you is an essential step in your daily hygiene routine to control body odour and keep sweat at bay. Roll-ons use a ball-type applicator to spread the anti-perspirant formula over your skin evenly. While you may not think there is a wrong or right way to apply your roll-on, Ndlovu adds you’ll be surprised at how some small application changes can make the world of difference.

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Here are Themba’s tips on how to make the most of your roll-on:

Start fresh – For maximum all-day protection, make sure your underarms are clean and dry before applying roll-on. If your roll-on contains anti-perspirant, apply it the night before. Night-time application gives the anti-perspirant time to soak into your skin’s sweat ducts and helps protect you from perspiring the next day.

Towel off – Make sure your underarms are completely dry before you apply roll-on. Your skin’s sweat glands can absorb the anti-perspirant better when applied to dry skin.

Shake well – Give your roll-on a good shake to make sure the active ingredients coat the ball correctly.

Apply evenly – Swipe the ball back and forth until you’ve covered the surface of your underarm with a thin layer of roll-on. Usually, three or four strokes are just right for great coverage.

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Air dry – Give your underarms a few seconds to dry before you get dressed. This extra step helps ensure that the product absorbs correctly. Always give your roll-on time to dry on your skin before you do anything active that may cause you to perspire.

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