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Editors Essentials: What’s In Our Editors Hand Bag

I’m very ashamed to admit that I’m a workaholic – If I’m not on a call, I’m trying to respond to all my email, writing, managing staff, chasing deadline, zoom meetings and so on and so forth. So how do I do all of this you ask? Here’s a list of things and tools that I keep in my handbag to help me keep up with my crazy life.

Slow Mag

These help me keep up with everything. Like I said, my life is busy, and I’m bound to feel sluggish and tired and now and then, but these bad boys always come through for the girl. The Slow Mag Fizzy relieves muscle cramps, fatigue and the effects of stress. It also improves recovery after exercise and has added Vitamin C for immune support. R140 Clicks


Chewing gum is a habit that I’m trying to ditch because it makes me so hungry – I’m sure it’s bad for something, not sure what yet. But I do keep it on me to freshen up my breathe. R36 Dischem 

Chick Cosmetics Juice Balm

I hate dry lips…not just because they look ashy and crusty, but because they are so irritating to deal with and mine chip, when they’re dry. So I always have lip balm or lip gloss, as of late though, I’ve been loving this lemon mint nourishing lip mask. R215 Superbalist

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Isabella Garcia – Anna EDP

I keep perfume in my handbag as habit I adopted from my Mom. I rarely use it when I have it, but it’s always good knowing that I have it. My every day, easy go-to perfume is this one. Nothing to strong, but just enough to carry you throughout the whole day. R804 Isabella Garcia

Johnson’s Daily Essentials Refreshing Cleansing Facial Wipes

I know these are facial wipes, but I use them for everything. Wiping my glasses, surfaces in restaurants, door handles, like I said everything. All thanks to COVID. R50 Woolworths

Sorbet Hand and Nail Cream

Alcohol based hand sanitisers have been my hands worst nightmare. It leaves them so dry and ashy – and that this nail cream has been my saving grace. It also comes in handy for ashy heels, knees and elbows. R39 Clicks


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When I work…I listen to music. I’m extremely productive when I’m jamming to my favourite deep house jams. I’m currently loving the Kunye Series on Youtube, so that’s where I’m at right not. Airpods though are R R3500 iStore

Rayban Sunglasses

My eyesight is non-existent. Without my glasses or contact lenses, I’m hopeless. But these raybans are so great because I get to have them in prescription as well – otherwise I must wear content lenses if I want to Zazazel. R3100 Sunglass Hut

Mini Curved Zip Purse

The smaller the better for me. It’s not like I have tons of money to put in it anyway. Also, I don’t carry cash on me ever. So, this small purse works just perfect for me. Just enough for my 1001 loyalty cards and drivers’ licence. R100 Foschini

A5 Buffalo Journal and Pen

I’m a forgetter. So jotting things down comes naturally for me. But also, I’m a journalist at heart and some habits die hard and this one is one of them. I’m not complaining, keeping this journal has saved my life on numerous occasions. R150 Typo

Side Note:

I’d add my phone onto that list, but it’s always in my hands and never in my bag. So no, it doesn’t make the cut this time. 

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