Adopt or Buy? What to Consider Before Choosing Your Perfect Pet Companion

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Having a pet can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience but some people may not know the factors to consider before getting a pet. Knowing the processes involved in choosing a pet may help you make a better decision on your new pet best friend.

Simlindile Mbongwa

Pets are great companions and can become important members of your family so choosing the right one is a serious task. Although, several charities and advocacy groups have come out in opposition to the purchase of pets for a profit in recent years, buying your pet from a breeder or an animal shelter is still a viable option.

Buying Your Pet: The Details

Vetvoice.com.au notes that “while owning a pet is incredibly rewarding and interacting with them provides you with joy, they do need a regular commitment of time from their owners to ensure they live enriching and enjoyable lives”. This means that anyone looking to buy a pet will have to be committed to raising and nurturing them as another living being.

People looking to buy their pet will also have to make sure that they purchase the pet from a registered, reputable breeder as it will ensure that they have gotten the necessary health checks and immunisations required. Many advocacy groups advise against buying your pet from a pet store as animals found at pet stores are usually raised in terrible, abusive conditions.

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Adopting: The Pros

A piece from the Humane Society of the United States highlighted that “pets adopted from shelters and rescue groups typically cost less than pets purchased or even acquired for free”. This means that you might want to seriously consider adopting your pet from an animal shelter as the shelter typically takes care of some the upfront medical costs required to have an animal in your home.

Adopting pets from shelters and rescue groups is also considered to be more ethical as it is usually animals that have been saved from neglectful or abusive environments. Although a rescued pet may have more medical or behavioural issues than a pet bred for the purpose of being sold, they also provide you with the opportunity to nurture and care for an animal in desperate need of love.

So, whether you choose to adopt or buy your new family addition, make sure you do extensive research and are ready to deal with the various emotional and monetary costs involved with having a pet.

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