Spring Skincare Tips for Guys From An Influencer

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Lifestyle and fashion influencer Sabelo Hadebe shares some tips on how guys can keep their skin looking fresh this spring. He also shares his skincare routine and some of the products that help maintain his most prized asset.

Sibizi Mag: What are your general tips for guys who want to develop their own skincare routine?

Sabelo: I’m quite a simple person and I believe that any skincare routine should be based on what works for you individually. You should be able to try out various products and then stick with what works the best for you based on the results.

I don’t like complicated routines with multiple steps, but I think the most important products men should have as part of their routine are a facial scrub and a moisturiser. I also believe that it’s okay to skip your routine occasionally just to give your skin a break.

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Sibizi Mag: So, what are some of the products you’re using this spring?

Sabelo: I’m currently loving the Body Shop’s Tea Tree range. I’m using their Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask and I really like it because it makes my skin feel really clean and opens up my pores. I also like the fact that it’s a 3-in-1 product that I can use daily or as a mask or scrub during the week because it makes my routine simpler. This would also be great for guys who don’t want to use a lot of products that might confuse them.

I’m also using the Sorbet Man 2-in-1 Facewash & Scrub – which is a cleanser and exfoliator – and I love it because it helps reduce the size of my pores and the exfoliation brightens my skin tone.

For moisture, I’m using the Body Shop’s CBD Replenishing Moisture Cream and it’s wonderful because I can use it in the day and at night. I also hate having dry skin in general because I’m dark skinned and I feel like dry skin is more noticeable when you’re dark. So, I use the Body Shop’s CBD Restoring Facial Oil just to give my face that extra glow.

For more of Sabelo’s insights catch him on Twitter @sabeloelkah2; Instagram @sabelo_the_kreator; and YouTube Sabelo the Kreator.

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