Amazing Picnic Spots To Try Out In Durban During Spring

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We have been in lockdown for quite a while, it’s time you got off that couch and went out. Picnics are a perfect way to bond whether with friends, family or your partner. They are a great way to embrace nature and everyone always has a great time.

We have put together a list of the best picnic spots in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, make sure to pack some sunscreen, shades and picnic blanket,

Karkloof Falls

Enjoy your picnic while you relax on the banks of the Molweni River having a perfect view of the waterfall on the Karkloof Nature Reserve. Explore the area and go on self-guided walks, a visitor’s guide together with the trail map are available from the gate guard. There is no need for booking because there is a first come, first served basis, braai facilities are available too.

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Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Garden in Durban North has a beautiful landscape including traditional lily ponds, sculptures, peaceful walkaways and a relaxing place to do some birdwatching. Perfect for a family chill day, the gardens are open seven days a week with picnic areas and a playground.

Shongweni Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is classically beautiful and has three picnic sites in total. Shongweni reserve is rated one of the top bird sanctuaries, with over 250 recorded species of birds found in the area. Have a great experience water sports like paddle-skiing and canoeing. Rock climbing is also enjoyed at the reserve.

Animal Farmyard

Located in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal, Animal Farmyard is a delightful area great for family consists of a wide selection of animals. Their garden offers light lunches, breakfast, cakes and beverages in a lovely farm setting.

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Durban Botanical Gardens

A great place to enjoy your traditional picnic, this is Africa’s oldest surviving botanic garden and remains a national and local city asset actively contributing to plant conservation and plant-based education. A wide range of activities can be done, there is an entertainment area where one can enjoy concerts and markets, a charity tea garden, which includes light refreshments and tea, a garden for the blind and guided tours which you have to book in advance.

EastMoor Crescent Beach- La Lucia

The beach is always clean and peaceful, it can make you feel like you have the whole beach to yourself. The sand is softly golden with the right comforting warmth, sip some wine and enjoy your snacks while admiring the beautiful view of the Umhlanga lighthouse.

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