Here’s What We Think Of Amanda Blacks’ New Album

Summed up, it’s a soulful journey of healing.

The multi-award winning artist, song-writer Amanda Black has recently dropped her third album, Mnyama. In the album’s Apple Music liner she explains that it is a stream of ruminations on optimism, confusion, heartbreak and self-doubt.

“Mnyama is an auditory journey to a place of self-acceptance, self-love and learning to take everything one step at time, with the hope of overcoming any form of darkness that we may encounter or be faced with in life,” said Amanda Black on Twitter.

Amanda Black

The album consist of 10 song track-list featuring the kwaito star, Kwesta, Micasa lead singer, J-Something, Afro soul singer, Berita and recording artist and music producer, Christer. The singer shared with SowetanLove that what drove her to write the album was the fact that she was going through a break-up and also having to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

The first song ‘Ndandihleli’, is a mixture of an old Xhosa hymn that she grew up singing, her grandmother’s favourite, Amanda sings about longing for her partner, reminiscing about the good memories they shared together but she is not willing to return to the relationship. On ‘Amaginxiginxi’ (obstacles) Amanda expresses herself that she has no idea how she will get over the emotional wounds but she will allow herself to heal will not rush the healing process.

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In ‘Lonely’, she expresses how she feels lonely and alone but she has made peace with it.  ‘Kutheni Na’ is about Amanda being honest with herself, how she was feeling during lockdown and being okay with not being okay, the song also speaks to us as a collective on how the lockdown has affected us. ‘On Let It Go’, the artist sings about letting go of the pain she has been holding onto, she is now ready to free her mind. Amanda takes us back to her childhood when she song ‘Ekuphileni’ another Catholic hymn with J’Something.

‘Ungayeki’ is a song about not losing hope, to always keep fighting because eventually something will change for you. ‘After dealing with a painful break-up on ‘LWH’ (Love that We Had) Amanda asks herself if she is really over the relationship. Amanda together with Christer encourage us to pick ourselves up no matter how difficult the situation is on ‘pick yourself up’. Berita and Amanda bless us with a beautiful song ‘Siyathandana’ a song up love, that one thing that brought us together during the pandemic: Love. Lastly we have ‘Away’ where she speaks about missing the Eastern Cape, how she wants to be with her family.

“From my soul to yours. A dedication to your journey of self-awareness and self-love,” tweeted Amanda Black.

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