We Checked Out The New Tapas Menu At The Oyster Box

If you enjoy taking your taste buds on a taste adventure, there is no better way than ordering tapas. We hopped in at the Oyster Box in Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal. An award-winning 5-star luxury boutique hotel, famous for its remarkable coastal views and gracious hospitality.

The Executive Chef Kevin Joseph and his team have put together a selection of Tapas to tingle customers taste buds at The Lighthouse and Oyster Bar, tapas restaurants constantly change their menu, challenging their customers to try something different for a new experience every time they pop in. The spacious bar has an in indoor seating but if you want chilled vibes, you can step outside, and enjoy your meals while overlooking the Indian Ocean and the iconic lighthouse.

Tapas allow you to share in the enjoyment of a meal while making sure that your tastebuds do not miss out the full-flavored taste. You may be a bit adventurous and try something different, dig into the Pulled Pork with steamed buns, plum sauce, pickled veg, fresh coriander or try out the crispy fried prawns mixed with lettuce, cider vinegar, lumpfish caviar, for an explosion of different flavours give the feta, spinach and olive stuffed calamari garlic and parsley cream a chance. 

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The fried prawns taste divine they have that savory taste but there is also that tiny hint of sweetness with a subtle fresh fish-like odor, they are juicy on the inside and deliciously crispy on the outside.

Full of flavour, juicy and tender are what perfectly describes the pulled pork, the plum sauce then adds some balance and tangy flavour to the dish that will leave your taste buds tangy all day.

The popular seafood dish, calamari has that sweet and mild flavour while the parsley cream gives a fresh taste to it.

The menu is not limited to these three dishes only, there is a variety to choose from. There is the Squid Ink Bun that contains Asian slaw, herbed crumbed hake and spicy Asian dressing, another dish that will take your taste buds on an adventure is the Spanish oysters with ginger marinated peppers, wine vinegar, lumpfish caviar.to have a look at the full menu visit : https://linktr.ee/theoysterbox

So, the question is: When are you trying out the tapas dishes at the lighthouse bar?

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