5 Simple Tips to Revamp Your Home on a Budget

Whether you’re looking to revamp your home to mark a change of season or trying to make some strategic upgrades to raise the value of your house, there are several innovative ideas that you can implement that will give your home that refreshed look without requiring too much time or a huge budget.

By: Simlindile Mbongwa

Focusing on specific rooms/spaces is the easiest way to plan your home improvement project as it allows you to set specific budgets and timelines – it’s also just more enjoyable if you’re choosing you do it yourself. You can choose any room, however, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room/TV room and the patio/garden are best spaces to improve as they are some of the most frequently used and the ones that attract attention to your property.

1. Change the Light Fixtures in the Kitchen

Add some pendant lights over your kitchen island or install some small white lights underneath your cabinets to add some ambiance and illuminate spaces like your stove or countertops.

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2. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

This is a time-honoured but EFFECTIVE tip because it always works. Repainting your wooden cabinets to change their dated colour is one of the best tricks to refresh your kitchen, it’s also one of the most economical and is a great DIY activity that doesn’t take too much time. Choose lovely pastel colours that will revive and modernise the space.

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3. Change/Build a Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house and can determine whether your home is attractive to potential buyers – there have been many times when I’ve passed on a property because of its dated and uninspiring bathroom – so putting a little effort into revamping your bathroom vanity will do wonders for the space. You could opt to change your vanity by replacing hardware like taps or the sink, also consider installing a new statement mirror. You could also completely change the vanity unit – make it your own by building a new vanity from repurposed wood and adding classic finishes such as marble countertops or customised shelves to suit all your storage needs.

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4. Accessorise Your TV Room/Living Room

Your living room is your home’s focal point and is where your family and guests spend the most time whether you’re hosting a holiday get together or having your weekly family movie night marathon. So, adding a few stylish accessories or changing a statement furniture piece could really revive the space and give it a fresh look. Use removable wallpaper as a cool and inexpensive method to update your walls without having to repaint them. You could also refurbish or reupholster furniture coffee tables and sofas to change the look and feel of your living room without spending a fortune on new furniture.

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5. Transform Your Patio/Garden

There are several creative ways you can transform your outdoor space while still being economical from rearranging or landscaping your garden, to adding unique lighting fixtures and furniture. Make your garden more interesting by adding your own DIY borders which you can make from recycled plastic or garden fillers like wood shavings and planting rocks. You can also create a focal point such as an outdoor fireplace or a comfortable seating area.

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