Businesses Offering A Helping Hand Amidst SA Unrest

To say the month of July in South Africa was a movie is an understatement – we saw something that we have never seen before. What started as a bit of retaliation from former President Jacob Zuma’s followers after his arrest, quickly spiralled out of control and led to riots and looting in predominantly Durban and Johannesburg.

These outburst by civilians were fuelled by job layoffs, economic inequality and worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. During all of this, people’s livelihoods and businesses were negatively affected, which only added to the economic problem that the country is already facing.

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However, there are businesses that came forward to lend a helping hand in assisting not only people but small businesses as well, that were affected negatively by the unrest.

Lulalend, a financial company that believes in the power of small businesses and prides itself in making a difference in society, initiated a ‘show you care’ campaign – where they were giving away R10 000 to small businesses that needed a cash boost after the lockdown and or was affected by the lockdown or unrest.

OneSpark, an insurance company also rose to the occasion. The company initially contributed R100 000 to help those effected by the recent unrest. Together with other committed and proud South African companies, this contribution has now increased to over R200 000 to help families and businesses that have been severely affected rise out of this unrest and come out stronger.

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In partnership with Trope Farming & Fremax Farms they sent trucks down to KwaZulu Natal to feed over 30 000 people in need. Food and much needed essentials have been delivered to individuals, organizations, such as the Soweto Association of People with disabilities, the SPCA in Durban, homeless shelters and more. Businesses who have suffered destruction and looting have received much needed monetary assistance to help rebuild.

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