Confessions Of A Proud And Loud Drag Queen

Maybe it’s a girl. Maybe it’s a boy. 

We had an intimate one on one with Liam Jacobs, whom depending where you meet him, is also Livvi. Born a boy, Liam tells me that I can refer to him a BIRL – a combination of the word girl and boy. In a Q and A session, this free spirit human being opens up to us about his sexuality, his drag hobby and life in general. 

SBZ: Briefly tell us who Liam Jacobs is?
Liam is an optimistic, bubbly, people’s person who enjoys the simple things in life, spending time with family and friends and eating good food.

SBZ: Now tell us who Livvi is?
Livvi is a strong, confident, overly creative alter ego/second personality of Liam. Livvi holds all the confidence and creative skills that Liam cannot seem to hone. She has been the pillar of strength and confidence for Liam for as long as Liam can remember. The confidence that Liam does not have, Livvi has.

SBZ: What is your sexuality?
I am Gender Fluid – I am Liam most days but I also have Livvi that allows me to express a higher feminine divinity.

SBZ: Do you feel more yourself as Liam or Livvi?
To be honest, it’s super neutral between the two. I would say I am more comfortable as Livvi, but I am also content with who I am at the most when Livvi isn’t around.

SBZ: When and how did you realise you had an interest in drag?
I remember it clearly. It was 2012, I went to a bar called Bubbles Bar, and for the first time I saw this beautiful specimen get up onto the stage to perform, and I was just in complete awe. My love and passion for drag then grew in the following year 2013, when I was introduced to the hit television and multi Emmy winning show, Rupaul’s Drag Race. Since then, drag has been my very first love and passion.

SBZ: How do you deal with your body hair?
Hahaha! I believe women come in different shapes and sizes, with that comes different body features, like hair. The only hair I really need to worry about, is my chest, stomach, underarms and facial hair.

SBZ: Does tucking in your penis hurt when in drag?
WOW! You guys are wildin! But yes, it does, naturally I create clothing that doesn’t allow me to tuck all the time. However, it’s part of the process of getting into full drag, it’s an ageless procedure, and the more you do it, the more you get used to it.

SBZ: How do you go to the bathroom when you’re in drag?
I don’t, you literally have to keep yourself together. Unless you have over enough time to actually go to the bathroom, undo everything and then redo it all. But, like they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

SBZ: What quality does your drag persona have that you wish you had in your life?
Confidence, Self love, Patience.
I lack a lot of confidence as Liam because I lack self love. I have been uncomfortable in my own skin for years, and Livvi has always been my escape to make myself feel beautiful and loved and POWERFUL!!

SBZ: What or who inspires your look?
A lot of Livvi’s looks and persona is inspired by the 1920’s and 1960’s with a mix of Anime Barbie on steroids. Hehe

SBZ: How do people react when they see you transforming?
The reactions are always super supportive and filled with nothing but love and joy. My sole purpose in life is to make people happy.

SBZ: Would you consider officially converting to transgender?
OFFICIALLY?? It was never a conversation. I appreciate everything that the transgender community has done and contributed to the LGBTQI community. But I am an artist, drag is an art form, it’s not a gender or sexual preference. I express myself through my art and craft.

SBZ: Are your friends and family accepting of the person you are?
My friends and family are my number one supporters, each and every single one of them. I love and appreciate them so much.

SBZ: Talk to us about the skill? Are you a professional makeup artist? Are you self-taught?
I’m not a professional makeup artist on paper, however I have been doing makeup since 2014, I have practiced every single day since and have honed in on my skills which makes me fairly good at the artistry of makeup and drag.

SBZ: How long did it take for you to master a complete and flawless transformation?
To be honest, I still haven’t perfected my transformation, each time I get into drag I discover new things about my makeup skills, what works and what doesn’t.

SBZ: How long does it take to transform?
It usually takes me two hours for makeup and about an hour to get into body and clothes. So let’s say 3 and a half hours.

SBZ: How does it feel to be able to openly be a drag queen with people supporting your decision?
It’s fantastic really. My heart aches thinking about it at times, because as a queer person, there are still so many who have no support at all, so many that are daily ridiculed, harassed, even killed. And that will never sit right with me.

SBZ: What does being a drag queen allow you to do or express when you are performing that you normally wouldn’t do?
It allows me to express my emotions, my inner creative. As Liam, I’m not much of an emotional person, I am constantly in a state of, I need to be okay for the next person to feel okay, so I hardly show any emotion or should I say, show my vulnerability. I try to remain as optimistic as I can possibly be, so that everyone around me can feed off my energy. But Livvi allows me to go all in, I can express all of me through Livvi, all for the sake of performing and allowing others to be taken away from their daily stresses.

SBZ: Do you feel refreshed or much happier when you have the opportunity to express either the feminine/masculine side of yourself?
Livvi makes me extremely happy, Livvi is naturally my happy place. It’s the reason I can’t let go of her, she holds me together in times when I feel like I’m losing myself. Livvi is literally the voice of reason and calm in my head. Like I said, my one true love. 

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