Truths and Tips About #WFH

Working from home is to some a glorious joy ride, and to some, their worst nightmare. Either way, it affords you flexibility, but it also demands a lot from you in return. Which is why need to practice self-care while working from home (#WFH).

Jokes aside, working from can take its toll on your health, looking specifically at your physical, mental, and emotional health. Which is why is it’s extremely important to look after yourself health while trying to manage the challenges of working remotely.

When it comes to WFH, comfort is key , says Rebecca Greier Horton, a workplace well-being knowledge lead at Herman Miller. “Take time to set up an ergonomic home office. This will help prevent the musculoskeletal disorders that can occur when you work on a laptop for long periods of time, and it will increase your cognitive engagement,” she says. So, where to start? Rebecca shares with us a few useful tips.

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Light It Up

Select a spot where natural light is your primary light source. Research indicates our sleep cycles and even our hormones are positively affected by this. If your setup is near a window where you can let the fresh air circulate – even better! If all else fails, get a Cassie desk lamp R1299, at Superbalist.

Police Your Posture

Remember, bad posture still counts when you work from home, and how you sit today will shape your body forever. It’s important to choose a ‘home office’ chair that will supports your body. A recent study by Herman Miller and Texas A&M shows how the right chair can influence cognition and your body’s ability to handle stress. Try the stylish, Sierra office chair, R2799 at Superbalist.

Get A Move On

Move your body! Whether or not you have space for a height-adjustable desk, research from the University of Waterloo advises that for each hour worked, we should spend 30 minutes standing. Try the WP Pro Height Adjustable Standing Desk, R5950 at Takealot.

Treat Yourself

If you’ve hesitated to purchase a good sit-to-stand desk for your home office, consider making the investment in your health today. You’ll thank yourself later, available for R2999 at Makro.

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<Bubble> Practicing self-care should be your number one priority as you work from home. It will help you be the best partner, caregiver, mom or dad, leader, friend, and contributor that you can be. Take time out and read a book, try ‘The 5AM Club’ R269 at Takealot and sip on some BOS shots (10 for R190) at BOS.  

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