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5 Things We Now Dub As Normal But Weren’t Before

Abnormal things that have turned normal because of the COVID-19.

So it seems that everything that we may have known to be abnormal in the very recent past, have taken a very sudden turn and went straight to being our new normal. We share some of the new ‘normal’ things and ways that we’re going to have to live by from now on because of the global pandemic of COVID-19.

The Mask                    

You would have probably frowned at someone wearing a mask before this whole mess, we’re in as the world. But it seems like, as uncomfortable as wearing the mask is for some of us, is going to be the new normal for all of us from now on. Research found that wearing masks was effective at blocking transmission of the corona virus.

Spray Sanitizer At Store Entrances 

I must admit, this is still going to take time getting used to – actually most things are. Some shops won’t let you into the store without you sanitizing your hands at the door, where they can see you do it. I mean, we get that handwashing remains the No. 1 tip for preventing the spread of the corona virus, but can we also use our own because some stores don’t even use the alcohol based sanitzer which is the recommended one. You probably need to normalise carrying your own sanitiser in your bag or pocket nowadays.

Never Ending Zoom Meeting 

Video calls have always been a thing, but they were mostly used for social purposes, okay skype meetings have been a thing too, but not quite popular. However everyone is talking about Zoom now: parents, co-workers, friends, grandparents, and neighbours. People have flocked to the service to keep up with friends, build digital clubs, and even host weddings. It’s H for Hectic. 

Working From Home

Moving work from an office environment to your home is an important step in reducing the impact of a potential pandemic. This business practice have been tried and tested before, but never really made it to the big time. This time has shown employers that it’s actually doable. However, it is an adjustment for those who have not telecommuted before and can be stressful. Planning and communication is important as this too seems like it’ll be a thing of the future. 

Social Distancing 

The corona virus is a virus spreads from person to person, it only makes sense that you distance yourself from people. However, because this is also a ‘new’ thing to be enforced, means it may come with a little difficulty in the beginning. It’s important though, as it’s been proven to slow down the spread of this virus.

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